It’s officially October, and my favorite season is in full swing.

I love everything about the fall — the changing leaves, the crisp, comfortable temperatures, and the feeling like something is anew, even if nothing’s different at all.

October is my favorite month for many reasons: one, it’s my birthday month, and I love being an October baby. Two, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. I used to love trick or treating and having a fun costume, but now I genuinely appreciate staying in with a classic horror movie, eating candy and answering the door for the adorable trick or treaters — it’s so much fun. Three, it’s now my wedding anniversary, and I now have a lifetime’s worth of fond memories from that beautiful, magical day.

But there are more reasons why I love October, and it ushers in the beginning of what I call fuzzy pajama nights. I love the return of big cozy sweaters, big mugs of my favorite teas and/or coffees, and nights spent in watching TV, cuddled up in my fuzzy pajamas. They are these hideous hot pink and black polka dot PJs, but I adore them, and wear them all winter on chilly nights.

I love fall-scented candles, apple picking, horror movies on TV, and when it’s totally dark by 7:30pm, even though it feels much later. I love the cool breeze that this time of year brings in, before it’s too cold for the heat to be pumping, and the a/c no longer needs to be on. I’m obsessed with all of it.

So here’s a picture of me in my cozy, cuddly, hideous, fuzzy pajamas, snapped by my husband likely at about 8pm on a fuzzy pajama night last year. October, I love you!


xo A


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