The interwebz have been abuzz lately about Britney Spears and how she’s “like the old Britney” again, citing her appearance at the Teen Choice Awards looking like a dazzling mermaid princess, and her latest Vegas shows in which she has energy and dance moves for miles. I’ve always always ALWAYS rooted for Britney and will always stan for her no matter what she does — girl could come out on stage in a costume designed by Hefty bags and I’d think it was genius and ~*artistic*~ so anytime she appears to be in a happy, healthy state of mind is wonderful to me. Plus I’m coveting that mermaid hair, girl.

Another video came out in which Britney proclaims that being single “for a year” has been “very, very profound” (oh, Brit.) while onstage performing “I’m a Slave 4U” and “Freakshow.” I’m slightly confused. Is she throwing shade at ex-boyfriend Charlie Ebersol by basically denying his existence in her world?

The wonderful thing about sweet Britney is that when she throws shade, it’s so delicious, because she still seems like such a nice, lovely person. Even her shade is sweet. I don’t know if the perfect guy for Ms. Spears actually exists in the universe, but either way, I do hope she is happy doing what she is doing and spending time with her beautiful babies, family, and friends. Love you B.

Side note: this makes me SO want to book tickets to Vegas, like, ASAP. I hated Vegas but it was so worth it to see Britney.

xo A


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