So I know I wrote about Demi’s sexy summer anthem “Cool For The Summer” (which I’m still lovin’ by the way) awhile back, but in honor of our girl’s 23rd birthday I figured I’d post a little Ladies I Love action for her. She’s hands-down one of my favorites of the current crop of young Hollywood stars. She’s super talented, which I think gets forgotten about in the midst of the personal drama and struggles she endured in the past. Her voice is amazing and incredibly versatile. She sounds just as good belting out a huge ballad (“Let It Go” anyone?) as she does rocking out in a poppy headbanger. I’ve never felt her music career has gotten the attention and adoration it deserves (but I’m hoping it does as she has new music coming out soon!) and her Demi album is one of my all-time favorites.

She definitely has an edge but also seems way mature beyond her years. She’s experienced her fair share of struggles with substance abuse and mental illness and the great thing is, she’s opened up about them to let other people know they’re not alone. She’s helping end the stigma behind treatment for addiction and mental health crises.

Aside from all of that, though, the girl just seems like a ton of fun. She’d be my dream SoulCycle buddy. She has a great laugh and you can tell she has a good time no matter what she’s doing. She also loves animals and is hopefully doing okay following the untimely death of her puppy, Buddy. And she’s in a relationship that makes her extremely happy, so she has such a radiant glow about her. This is definitely Demi’s moment, and I hope that her career continues on such a high trajectory — she’s got the pipes and the determination to go as far as she wants. Happy birthday, Demi!

xo A


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