Horror Themes: The Remix!

As we all know, the music in a horror movie is incredibly important. The opening chords of a song paired with the fade in to the beginning of a movie sets the scene and lets us know instantly that something’s about to go down. The music sets the tone, and it’s supposed to be the one thing that stays with us even as the lights go up and we exit the theatre. Have you ever tried watching a horror scene on mute? It can seriously damage the scene (or make it better for the scaredy cats of the world). If executed properly, the music is half the reason a horror movie is so good and so scary.

I’m a sucker for a good remix. (J to tha LO: The Remixes is legit one of my favorite albums. Don’t judge me, you love it too). So what happens when the terrifying tunes we know and love get switched from a minor to a major key? YouTube user Muted Vocal had just that idea in mind, changing up the key to some of the classics, including The X Files, Halloween, and Saw.

To me, The X Files and Saw themes sound like they belong in a video game. Halloween is still pretty terrifying, but in a light-hearted, uplifting sort of way (is that even possible? No idea.) The Exorcist sounds like a holiday song. A Nightmare on Elm Street sounds like an ’80s Brat Pack romantic comedy.

What do you think of these reworked horror classics?

xo A

Horror Themes: The Remix!

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