REVIEW: Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

If I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring a few things with me, I’m pretty sure mascara would be one of them. I’m obsessed with it. There is nothing cooler than seeing your eyes pop with the flick of a wand. It’s an every day staple and gives every look that needed finishing touch — from the smokiest eye to no makeup at all. It’s truly the greatest makeup product — so easy to use and looks great on everyone.

I’m not loyal to any one specific mascara, but over the years have found my go-to brand is Maybelline. I’ve tried higher end brands, from Dior to Sephora, and none do as good a job as Maybelline. That pink and green tube is ubiquitous to beauty lovers and there’s a reason a new tube is sold every 1.7 seconds (OMG!) — it’s the best of the best. Because of that, I make a beeline for the Maybelline section when I’m running low on mascara.

The latest one I’m loving is Volum’ Express Falsies Big Eyes Mascara. At first, I was skeptical of the need for an ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ lash mascara, but now I’m hooked. As someone who rarely ever used mascara on my lower lashes (I always felt it was too raccoon-y with eyeliner), I’m now convinced. The two separate tubes are genius and I especially like the one for the lower lashes. It’s not at all clumpy and gives a hint of color to the lower lashes, so they’re a bit more defined. 

The top lashes are also voluminous and fluffy without flaking or smudging, which is perfect for a dramatic eye look or a more natural one. I use Blackest Black and do several coats, like I do with all mascara. I like my lashes to really pop.

The mascara is obviously inexpensive and can be found at national drugstores and beauty chains. My only gripe is that I feel you may get a little less product due to the upper and lower lashes having separate wands and tubes, but I’m not complaining. In my glammed up eyes, Maybelline has done it again!

xo A

REVIEW: Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

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