I never really subscribed to the idea that we need to change our fragrance based on the season, though I know many people follow it. Wearing heavier, muskier scents as the days shorten and the crisp fall air enters — then wearing a lighter, fresher scent as the first days of spring bloom into summer — is a great way to honor the seasons and start anew, in a way. I tend to wear one scent year-round, and often for years on end, keeping it as my signature. For the past several years, I’ve been exclusively a Juicy Couture girl (yes, I know, the tracksuits are OUT but the eau de parfum is my everything) — except for my wedding day and honeymoon, when I wore Chance by Chanel. I decided to honor my mom and use my “something borrowed” as HER signature scent. Great idea until my then-fiance was like, “so when I kiss you, I’ll be smelling your mom?” Womp womp.

But this summer I found a fragrance that so completely captured the essence of summer that I’ve been wearing it every single day by French brand Sisley. It is called Eau Tropicale and I’m addicted to it. The first time I smelled it, I literally had visions of an exotic rainforest or straw hut on the beach in some beautiful, far off land. It’s light enough that it won’t overpower you, and it’s fresh, spicy, and sweet all at once. It’s the best beach vacation scent.

Like all Sisley products, it’s EXTREMELY expensive, coming in at $172 for a 3.3 oz bottle. Full disclosure: I did receive it for free. I really don’t think I’d pay that much money for a bottle of perfume, but the scent is so lovely and exotic. The only downfall is that it does not last a long time at all. When you spray it in the morning, all traces of it are gone by afternoon. For something so expensive, having to reapply before going out at night is a bummer. Your mileage may vary.

Happy summer!

xo A


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