National Lipstick Day

Happy National Lipstick Day, ladies!

Admittedly, I have a very hard time finding lipstick that I like. My lips are very small, and aside from that, my skin is very fair, so I run the risk of looking like a clown in certain (read: most) colors. I also am constantly drinking liquids (water, coffee, and, if I’m lucky, a fabulous cocktail), constantly talking, laughing, and eating, and I need my lip color to go the distance. I like low-maintenance beauty — who wants to be constantly running to the ladies room to check on your makeup?!

I have three go-to lip colors that range from nude/every day (read: perfect for important meetings or job interviews), a peachy rose, and a sheer red.

The nude was actually gifted to me on my wedding day by my makeup artist — the fabulous Jeanette at Glo Beauty Bar. Leave it to a makeup artist to pick the most perfect shade imaginable. I am so addicted to this lip color that I woe the day it runs out, because it’s only sold at Glo. I’ll just have to make a trip there to pick up another. Here is me on my wedding day with the great lipstick and lip gloss Jeanette gave me.

My next favorite lip color is actually more of a tinted lip balm. It’s called benebalm by Benefit, and it’s perfect for just enough color to make your lips pop without being too garish. It’s super hydrating, and the color is light enough that it can be buildable over itself or a different lipstick. It comes in a fun red and pink polka dot case that looks just as cute on my vanity as it does on my lips!

My third favorite is the Phyto-Lip Shine in Sheer Cherry by Sisley Paris. It’s definitely pricey at $52 and not quite long-lasting (you’ll be reapplying for sure), but the color is so gorgeous and works so well with my skin tone.

Definitely break out your favorite shade today in honor of #NationalLipstickDay and get ready to pucker up. Smooches!

xo A

National Lipstick Day

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