One thing we all tend to forget in our day to day lives is how little it can take to bring a smile to our faces. We go through the motions — wake up to our alarm, stumble around to get ready for work, be prepared for 8+ hours of a grind with commuting and countless interactions (some good, some bad) and new things thrown at us each day, with the solitary goal of being able to make our way home to whatever chores lie ahead there, to plop on the couch before passing out and preparing to do the exact same thing tomorrow.

No matter how much you love your job, or where you live, or your coworkers or friends or family, this gets daunting and tedious quickly. For the past few months, I’ve tried to inject what I call little slices of happy into my routine each day. I know, hear me out. It sounds so cheesy and silly, but doing teeny tiny things can really help keep the work week from feeling so dull.

1. Drink citrus-infused water first thing in the morning.

Lately I have been trying to drink as much water as possible — it’s so good for your body, for your skin, and for your digestive system to be well-hydrated. But we all know plain water is, well, plain and boring! The way I combat this is by adding a slice of lemon or lime into my water bottle in the morning. It makes plain water delicious, and much easier to drink a lot of. If you drink it throughout the day, you will beat the heat and give your body exactly what it needs for no calories or sugar — just pure water with a twist. Staying hydrated becomes less of a chore and more of a treat.

2. Listen to music you love every single day.

Maybe you have time on your commute, or during your workout, or at your desk, or at night before you drift off to sleep. Incorporating music into each day, no matter where or how much you can, is such a great way to brighten up your mood. I love music so much — certain songs truly make me come alive, make me want to dance, and make me feel — they bring me to a happy place. It literally does not matter what you want to listen to — whatever rocks your world is exactly what you need to hear every day. Make a playlist, or listen to whatever is on the radio, but hearing music you love every day is a truly personal and wonderful thing to do.

3. Wear something that makes you utterly happy.

My gym sneakers are hot pink and yellow Nikes. They’d likely look ridiculous out on the street, but when I see them, I can’t help but smile. They also feel like I am walking on a cloud. I keep them in a spot that I won’t be able to ignore them in order to inspire the urge to workout. And guess what? It works! The shoes are so dope that I’m like “bring it, treadmill!” Put something on every day that you absolutely love, whether it’s a cozy sweater that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, or a piece of jewelry you got on vacation or as a gift from someone special. You’ll be reminded of something that makes you happy and that moment of joy is worth it all.

4. Compliment someone.

Nothing brings good energy your way like putting good energy out there. Make a point to compliment someone every day. It can be someone you know, or someone you pass on the street. You like someone’s purse or shoes? Tell them! Your coworker killed it in a meeting? Praise them! Your SO did something small like cleaning up the coffee table? Thank them! You will feel good knowing someone else smiled because of you.

5. Have little adventures every day.

Take the long way to work to finish hearing your favorite song. Walk to the coffee shop a little further away than Starbucks for your morning buzz. Go get ice cream on a Wednesday evening just because. Doing things that are different than the norm can motivate and excite you in ways you didn’t know were possible. Give it a whirl… every single day. Smiles will abound. 🙂

xo A


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