I have to admit, up until about 18 hours ago, I sorely underestimated the power of Amy Schumer. I really only took notice to her when a quote she made while accepting the Trailblazer Award at the 2015 Glamour Women of the Year Awards made the internet rounds. Surely by now you’ve heard it, but if not, Amy said to her audience: “I’m probably like 160 lbs. right now, and I can catch a dick whenever I want. It’s not a problem. It’s not a problem.”

This quote stuck out to me, admittedly, because anytime a woman in the press puts a number to her weight, I am both shocked and impressed. It’s such a taboo thing to ever utter out loud (the only people on this earth who know my true actual weight are my doctors and anyone who happens to look at my medical files at said doctors office) that to have someone so unapologetically say “this is my weight and listen, guys do not care about that shit” is fantastic.

I am sad and embarrassed to say that this is the first reason I took notice of Amy Schumer, but I knew after watching her speech, peppered with plenty of NSFW words and quippy jokes, I wanted to follow her every move. Aside from being obviously smart and funny, she is not afraid to be who she is, and she’s the kind of lady I wish I could surround myself with in my every day life.

I have seen previews for her movie Trainwreck for weeks, and knew that it was the type of movie I wanted to see on opening night. Some movies are like “okay, that looks cute, maybe I should see it in the theatre” while others are like “yeah that one will be great for when I’m bored on the couch and it’s on HBO” but this one was a “sign me up for Fandango alerts, please.” Honestly, I really did not know if the world shared my Amy Schumer love or not, until we got to the theatre, about to utter the words “two tickets for Trainwreck, please” and were met with a “8:40 Trainwreck is SOLD OUT. The next show is at 10:40.”

My heart sank. I felt defeated. I had wanted to see this movie for so long and now you’re telling me it’s not going to happen?! But then I realized it’s because the world DOES share my Amy Schumer love. And I can’t fault them for that. So I declared to my husband that we’d be back the next night, and I’m holding him to it.

I can’t wait to see Trainwreck tonight because I love a good rom-com, and because Amy is so fabulous and funny. So cheers to you, Amy. Keep being your beautiful, hilarious, ball busting self!


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